Treat Yourself Better Than The Milk

The milk is running low. Is there enough left for one more cuppa tea?

Many would agree there is not much worse than the milk going back in the fridge with only a few drops left. How does it happen that we often treat our MILK supply with more respect than ourselves!

It is almost a badge of pride to be running on empty. It is no longer a joke to run on caffeine.

Meanwhile, we don’t expect the milk to function on empty. There is no way to fill the empty cup, and in the metaphor, the needs of others if we are running on “low”.

We need to stop the guilt and shame in taking care of ourselves.

We don’t expect an empty tank on a car to drive, the empty milk to finish the tea or a child without sleep to be on best behaviour and attention.

So why should we expect the opposite of ourselves?

I doubt you are from a far-away planet born under a foreign star (and if you are, you likely still have a Kryptonite around that means you need some time to yourself to recharge)!

  • Take a few minutes to reserve that new book from the library.
  • Put on the favourite playlist of ‘tunes from the college/uni years to sing along with when finishing the last of the things you “must” do.
  • Say No. Remind yourself that it is ok to not do everything. Pick what matters and focus the effort there.
  • Brain dump. Drop everything onto a piece of paper/whiteboard, etc. Once it is out of your head you can stop worrying about it, pick what matters and what someone else can do or be automated (Gotta love click-and-collect & online shopping with delivery)!

Come on, you deserve at least the same respect as the fluid extracted from a cow’s udder and stored in your fridge. If you only do one thing this year, do that – please.