Woman in a pool

What to do when it is too hot to work

Here in NZ, we have been having record temperatures and 30+ degree days are more of a norm than a surprise. With temps like that, I feel for the road crews, farmers and others that work outside. So what do we do when we are lucky enough to work out of the sun, but it is still too hot? Saying you have tried all the ice bucket in front of the fan or cold facecloth tricks, what else can we do to cope?

Drink Lots of Water

Not only is it a great habit to keep yourself healthy and hydrated, but with a few ice cubes in it can help cool you down. Plus opening the freezer gives you the gentle arctic breeze without gaining another foreign citizenship or the cost of an international flight.

Eat Ice Cream

Come on. Who doesn’t love ice cream?¬†Even us that are only marginally lactose tolerant love a nice cold milky treat. This is a moment where a slice of good old Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake would be the best thing ever.

Go For a Drive

This one only works if your AC is charged. If it is, then what an excuse to go visit other clients or suppliers that also have air conditioning in their offices. Or you could sit at some scenic location like the park with the windows up listening to podcasts, eating ice-cream working on your mobile data. If you park close enough to home you might even get to stay in the driveway and use the home wifi to do some extra cool car productivity. Legal disclaimer: Car in Park before any dodgy multitasking, please!

Short Shorts and Mumus

Just because you wouldn’t let anyone catch you wearing it to get the groceries doesn’t mean you can’t wear it while doing the GST last minute, late night, in the heat – oh why won’t the cool breeze come this way, please!

Remember Every Other Sucker Suffering Too

The beauty of weather is that almost everyone else in the area gets it too. You are not alone so someone else out there is likely dealing with the same uncomfortable sweaty spots too.

Auto-correct just told me to change “weather” to leather – so make that tip number 5.

Avoid Leather

The only thing stickier than one body heated up is another set of skin from a dead animal stuck to your sweat too.

Enjoy and keep cool!