Ditch Overwhelm & Clear Your Mind For 2019.

Is this the year you promised to ditch the overwhelm and take back control of your life and business? If so, Lacey and the team at Just Dandy are here to help.

Ready for a Quick Win to help feel less overwhelmed? 

Try these 6 Simple Steps

  • Brain dump everything (yes – everything!) onto a piece of paper. 
  • It feels better now that it is out of your head, doesn’t it! OK. Now let’s skim through it. 
  • Can you control the outcome?
    •  NO – It’s ok to feel worried, acknowledge the feeling, and then move on.
    • YES – Ok, so rather than worrying about how to eat the elephant, pick just one bite. Book in a calendar appointment/time to do that first instead. 
  • Is it something to remember in the future? Set a reminder in your phone for the time you need to do it. Now move on and worry about it then.
  • Is it part of a shopping list or some other To Do? Add it to a task list, or include it as part of the description in the calendar booking for the meeting or event.
  • So, what else is there on the list? Hopefully, by now, the list is a lot less overwhelming, and you can see clearly what is the next best thing to attack or do. Let’s start there and then come back for the next one when we are finished. You may also want to book a few time slots and tasks (Batching). This gets the whole planning part out of the way and works well for many people too. 

Are you a constant overthinker and want to know more before doing? Stop. Do. If you must, you can check out the Getting Things Done movement.

Now, your head should be a lot clearer, your mind more focused and your hands more ready to do. Lacey and the Just Dandy team look forward to working with you on the journey to have the amazing business you know you deserve.