Creative & Efficient Solutions

Based on a farm out of cell range near Eketahuna, Lacey & the team of Just Dandy understand that life outside of the city is different. So is running a business without a motorway in sight or a big budget.

When you are running a business that needs to start putting some food on the table or this whole “business thing” no longer holds the lustre from when you started, asking for help is the hardest, but most important thing you can do.

About Lacey

From her time helping a law office run smoothly to her experience managing social and developing systems and processes along the way, Lacey has been there and is ready to help you come out the other side of overwhelm with a business and life you love.

Lacey was always the stationery store obsessed, file folder holding, tech-geek who absorbed everything around her. Now that she settled down with a wonderful hubby, fantastic kid, lovely family, and immigration halfway around the world (to a farm in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island from Alberta, Canada) out of the way, she is ready to help other rural living professionals (and professionals to be) build amazing businesses and lifestyles they love. 

Lacey lives with her family on a farm near Eketahuna, NZ, where they raise calves, bees, chickens, pigs, geese, ducks and the occasional vegetable alongside the pet sheep, dogs, and guinea pigs.  Thanks to a great internet connection, they are able to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world, and next door.