Rural NZ Business Coach & Consultant

Did you just have another day where you wanted to cry because there is NO WAY it will all get done?

I hear you. I was there!

How was “the thing” going to be successful if I had no clue how to fit it in along with the dishes, laundry, family time, mediating the new percieved disaster, work deadline, last minute urgent fix, etc, etc, while still taking a moment to collect my sanity without resorting to wine or some other sort of bad habit! (Mine was Pepsi Max). 

It IS hard!

There are always more demands on your time than there is ability to do it, and half the battle is knowing when it needs to get done by before that part of life falls apart too. I understand and want to help. You don’t need a superpower, you need to step back (YES, BACK!) and Sort your Sh*!

We can’t do it ALL….But we can do what matters most.

Despite our great business plans and growth potential, one of the biggest complaints is, “I’m just too busy to make it happen”. Because really, you know you can scale this thing to 6 figures and beyond, but when? – It appears dinner doesn’t make itself yet.

Sometimes all we see is the elephants, not the bites we would take along the way to “eat it” and get the task done.

Helping sift through the what to do next and how to get there is where Lacey comes in. From asking the hard questions to laying it out in front of you in black and white, step by step. Business coaching and project consulting focused towards the unique environment of running a business in Rural New Zealand.

I get that half your customers might not have cell reception (that is saying you are so lucky yourselves). Good, flexible childcare is as rare as an uninterested bull, and work life balance on half our farms or in our farming and primary industry based communities makes it near impossible to make a work life balance something scheduled! Let’s sort it.

You do not need a special pill or to be born under the sun of a foreign star to get it under control and feel in charge again.

You need clarity, support and a reminder of the skills we already have or want to grow in to get us there. Let’s book at free 20 minute chat and see if Coaching is right for you.