Rural Business Coaching

Lacey Dandy – professional business coach and marketing consultant with a focus on rural clients. She has more than a decade of experience helping businesses reach their target market and grow their business.  

Living rurally herself, Lacey understands the different lifestyle that comes with it; For some businesses that means prioritising a late night animal assist or fence fix over the intended writing session or webinar. Challenges you don’t often come across in communities with stoplights and mega-malls nearby.

So, what about you? Lacey is best positioned to help you when:

  • You have a budding business that needs help to grow beyond the view of a Hobby in the eyes of those around you – We know you aren’t just “playing” with that market stall!  – OR –
  • There is an awesome business already in place, but want some support to take it to the next level – world domination here you come!   – OR – 
  • You have the basics right, and plenty of talent, but need to carve out some time for lifestyle and get systems in place before it starts to consume you!

Contact Lacey now to book your free 20-minute chat and see if working with a Rural Business Coach can be the best decision you can’t believe you didn’t make sooner!