NZ Business Consultant & Creativity Coach

Did you just have another day on the shop floor? Answering the phones when you should be out working ON, rather than IN your business?

Overwhelmed with things to do and seeking clarity around what needs to come next?

Small businesses and owner operated companies make up a significant chunk of the New Zealand economy. Despite our great business plans and growth potential, one of the biggest complaints is, “I’m just too busy to make it happen”.

Sometimes all we see is the elephants, not the bites we would take along the way to “eat it” and get the task done.

Helping sift through the what to do next and how to get there is where Lacey come in. From asking the hard questions to laying it out in front of you in black and white, step by step. Business coaching and project consulting focused towards the unique environment of New Zealand can get you to that next level.

When your business is treading water, and you are desperate to learn to swim, wouldn’t it be better to find a way to get a boat out there instead?

Commit yourself to a journey towards business bliss.

Why not check out Lacey’s blog for some interesting thought starters? It’s free, anonymous and quick. If you are looking for a bigger push towards your goals and are willing to commit some time to make that happen, why not pop us an email and we can get things started!