Marketing your small business and growing a targeted and valuable relationship through your social media channels doesn’t have to take over your life. Based in Masterton, but serving the wider Wairarapa region, Lacey works with you to develop a marketing plan and social media strategy that not only helps with your business needs, but suits your schedule too.

She takes pride in getting to know clients. Using social media and creating a marketing plan doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. With options from regular group workshops (with awesome take-away resources!) to one on one or project based help, there is an option for everyone.

Email us to get the process to better marketing for your company started now!

We will help you get the best value possible and find efficient ways to reach your customer and grow your profits. As business development & marketing consultants, we can also help you with deciding on and working towards your business growth goals, websites, advertising campaigns, design work, templates, and setting the marketing strategy to branding and the customer experience. Our speciality is helping you better understand & present your own brand (what you do and why you are awesome) so you can share that passion with your customers (and in turn make more money).

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